An HR Function is critical component of employee welfare which in turn help the organization, irrespective of the size of the organisation. The typical HR Responsibilities include support in business planning process, manpower need assessment, plan for hiring, induct the employees well, build policies, procedures for smooth operations and above all build a frame work for the most critical asset of the organization – human asset.. HR also takes care of the performance management and development of people at each stage of their life cycle in the organization. HR helps in making those tough decisions taken by business as well as the employees in exits. Every business goes through all these irrespective of them having their own HR or not. However, many times the SME business owners/CEO’s take the role along with people around based on need. However, a formal way of approach in addressing the needs of Human Resources in organization would help in building and sustaining business. Any small incidents related to people can cause a huge damage to the employee motivation in the organization. Since the SMEs can’t really spend that time and energy, there is an increasing trend in HR Function outsourcing with the experts and benefit in business improvement.

We can provide hr outsourcing services to ensure you get best pratices in the industry at reasonable cost and with expertise in all aspects of HR be it labour compliance, payroll management, talent acquisition, employee engagement and many such other acitivities.






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